About Us


  • Synthetic resin reaction tank→12 set
  • Dilution/Mixing tank→2 set
  • Solid-particle production machine→1 set
  • Thermal coal-furnace: 1,500,000 kcal →2 set
  • Natural gas-fumace: 2,000,000 kcal→1 set
  • Keep warm automatically Material -supply system:80,000L Tank→2 set
  • Throughput:6,000,000 kg / year

Business Items

1. Non-Reactive Polyamide Resin

  • Polyamide For Ink Vehicle
  • Polyamide For Hot-Melt

2. Hardener For epoxy resin

  • Reactive polyamide Resin
  • Modified Polyamine and its adduct
  • Solution Type Polyamide Resin

3. Special Hardener agent for epoxy resin

  • Friendly type – water Borne Type Hardener
  • Latent Curing Agent

Quality Policy

To be after perfect quality, we are cleared of the quality certification of ISO-9001:2000in 2001. To enhance the trust of customers for our company products as well as our passion and service to customers are of only consistent guideline of management. We should constantly ask ourselves to improve the quality of company products, and always adhere to the quality policy of “Quality first, customers the utmost.”