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  • 08/15 1973

    We worked with Sanwa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd to set up joint venture of Sanho Chemical Co., Ltd, and also conducted technical cooperation. The factory was set up at No. 1, Chung Shan S. Rd, Lu-chu Village, Kaohsiung County, producing “polyamide resin” being the first professional plant that manufacturers products of the kind. The capital of investment amounts to NT$22 million.

  • 11/08 1974

    The trial test of the plant was complete.

  • 02/26 1975

    The capital of investment was increased, and the total of investment amount is found to be of NT$27.76 million.

  • 03/22 1975

    The Revenue Service Office of Kaohsiung County has approved this company to base on fiscal year (1st of April to 31 of March).

  • 11/24 1975

    The company was approved to be registered as exporting factory.

  • 03/26 1980

    Stock-holders from Taiwan purchased shares owned by Sanho Chemical Co., Ltd.

  • 02/16 1981

    It was approved to base on assets re-evaluated and provident fund of capital for investment increment with NT$12.8 million, and the amount of capital was changed to NT$40.56 million.

  • 06/23 1982

    It was approved for Fuji Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd to invest on Sanho and work with us technically. Fuji Chemical will not only provide the latest manufacturing process, equipment, quality control chemical testing equipment, but also assign a technical expert in Kaohsiung for technical instruction. The total of investment amount was changed to NT$55.76 million.

  • 08/13 1987

    It was approved for Sanho to work with Fuji Chemical in the technical cooperation to produce five categories of products as “polymerized fatty acid polyamide resin for printing ink,” “polymerized fatty acid, dibasic acid co-polymer resin for hotmelt,” “Hardener for epoxy resin,” “epoxy-ester resin,” and “Modified epoxy resin.” The period of cooperation is from 23rd of June, 1987 to 22nd of June, 1992.

  • 09/12 1992

    It was approved to continue technical cooperation with Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd, and the period runs from 23rd of June, 1992 to 22nd of June, 1997.

  • 01/21 1993

    A set waste liquid incinerator and its peripheral equipment was purchased, and trial test was conducted for operation. The equipment is mainly used to burn waste water from synthesis reaction.

  • 09/07 1995

    The board has approved that the unallocated surplus of NT$ 22 million from year 1994 was used on equipment expansion, and the capital amount is changed to NT$75.76 million.

  • 02/15 1996

    An addition thermal coal-furnace was bought, and it will be used in conjunction with the previous one, while automatic adjustment control system and fume inspection and automatic control system are additional installed.

  • 08/01 1996

    Automatic material supply and automatic-programmed control-reaction device of the plant was signed, and it was conducted of trial test in early 1996 and began official production in January of 1997.

  • 01/20 2001

    Automatic high-quality solid-particle manufacturing machine was purchased, and it was completed of trial test on 3rd of February, 2001, and began official production on 4th of February, 2001.

  • 01 2003

    The novel super special assistance enterprise information management system of Data Systems was introduced.

  • 12 2003

    Three mixing reaction tanks were purchased as well as three sets of its peripheral equipment for production.

  • 01 2003

    The novel super special assistance enterprise information management system of Data Systems was introduced.

  • 10 2004

    The integral ventilation equipment system for the factory plant was additionally purchased.

  • 01 2005

    The Smart ERP enterprise management information system of Data Systems was introduced.

  • 01 2006

    A set of cold-water supply system and peripheral system for solid-particle production machine for hot-melt glue was purchased.

  • 2006

    Application of Sanho subsidiary plant investment in the Southern Taiwan Science Park was approved, to produce, design and distribute Latent Curing Agent for electric materials, Curing accelerator and Polyamide for hot melt.

  • 2007

    Purchase Gas chromatography–Mass Spectrometry as the laboratory equipment.

  • 2008

    Purchase Infrared Spectrophotometer as the laboratory equipment.

  • 2010

    Awarded by the ISO 9001:2008 quality verification.R&D lab officially open and put into formal operation.

  • 2011

    2nd production plant was completed.

  • 2012

    Room of Natural gas boiler and raw material warehouse were completed.

  • 2013

    Purchase Natural Gas Boiler and its peripheral equipments.Tested qualified and started operation.

  • 2013

    Purchase 2 sets of Stirred Reactor and their peripheral equipments.The 2 reactors came to formal operation for production.

  • 2014

    3rd floor of office expansion & elevator construction were completed.

  • 2015

    Purchase one set of Fire Control/Extinguisher Management Equipment.

  • 2016

    Awarded by the ISO 14001 quality verification.

  • 2017

    Awarded by the ISO 9001:2015 quality verification.